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PAIA is an organization that is aimed at providing breakfast programs to schools in developing countries and school fee support to families with special needs children. Currently,  we are focusing on low/no-income families that have children who have stopped going to school because of a lack of funds. Our aim is to offer assistance to these families so their children can participate fully in school without worrying about money. 


PAIA also provides breakfast programs to schools in developing countries. Most children come to school hungry and find it difficult to participate or focus on learning. The aim is to feed all the children first thing in the morning and maintain a resource room at the school with non-perishable food items as well as school supplies. 

At PAIA, we are committed to ensuring that every child is well fed and reaches their full potential.

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In 2018, we partnered with the youth in Sudbury, Ontario to raise money to support families and schools in developing countries. The fantastic 6 basketball teams helped raise money which saw us starting a breakfast program in two schools in Zimbabwe. We also managed to pay school fees for students who had stopped going to school due to a lack of funds and poverty. Our breakfast programs created employment for people in the communities. Hoops for Loops has become an annual event since. Our last tournament in 2022 had 8 teams. 

STYLE OFF is a hairstyling competition presented to you by PAIA. This competition is open to all Hairstylists and Braiders in Ontario. It is about showcasing your talent. We have 4 categories which are 45 minutes each. Each category is judged and the winner get a prize of $150. We have a grand winner who participates in all 4 categories and has the highest points. The grand winner receives a hairstyling package worth $250 in value plus $350 cash.

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When a child is well-fed in school, they stay in school and participate.

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