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PAIA is an organization that is aimed at providing breakfast programs to schools in developing countries and school fees support to families with special needs children. Currently, we are focusing at families with children that have special needs and need assistance with childcare fees and support. We are also focusing on low/no-income families that have children who have stopped going to school because of a lack of funds. Our aim is to offer assistance to these families so their children can participate fully in school without worrying about money. We have identified more than 100 students in need as well as some families in Canada with children that have special needs and are in great need of support. Special needs schools in Canada vary in cost. The dedicated private schools have annual tuition between $20, 000 and $100, 000. 


PAIA also provides assistance and welcome packages to school-going-age, new immigrants in Ontario. We provide recreational sporting activities to school going age children in Ontario who cannot afford to pay for extracurricular activities, this provides a place for school going age children to socialize and connect with each other. 

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Hoops for Loops is a basketball tournament aimed at raising funds to support those who are in need of school fees, breakfast programs in schools and families with children that have special needs. PAIA works with other organizations worldwide to support and promote education among youths. We work in developing countries as well as in Canada to support low/no income families. 


The prizes that will be won at our Hoops for Loops tournaments vary each year;


  • MVP - $200 Amazon gift card. 

  • Winning Team will win gold medals and $120 cash each. 

  • More exciting random prizes. 

  • Silent Auction.

All you have to do is put together a team of 7-8 friends and register your team. If you would like to become a sponsor or become a vendor and showcase your business at this event, email 

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Help send a child to school.

When a child is well-fed in school, they stay in school and participate.

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