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2023: PAIA 's partnership with Kamaji in Malawi has enabled 500 people to be trained on how to make organic fertilizer. It is through this program that jobs were created, entrepreneurship was enabled and school children learned a new skill. 

July 14th, 2023. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs And Building Confidence In Women was a project born out of my love in seeing my fellow women grow in society.

During the webinar, we were able to:
🌟 Identify limiting beliefs
🌟 Challenge negative thoughts
🌟 Develop a positive mindset
🌟Set achievable goals
🌟 Learnt how to take action
🌟 Prepared to celebrate success.

Thanks to Ms. Tsitsi Mhende our speaker for the day and she is the CEO of Poverty Alleviation Initiative Africa (PAIA) @alleviatepoverty .
Thanks to my dear volunteers 🙏 for standing strong as we planned this webinar.
Thanks to our attendees and supporters.

Golden Humanity.PNG

In June 2023, PAIA helped with youth activities during the fires in Alberta that caused Fort Chipewyan residents to be evacuated to Fort McMurray. PAIA ensured that all youths were kept busy and entertained with events and we distributed donations from other organizations working hand-in-hand with Mikisew Cree First Nations. 


Posted on May 26, 2022 

Congratulations to Trish Gonde who won $100 on our @alleviatepoverty Instagram challenge towards school fees. Her recipient for the $100 was Tinashe Mpofu of Bulawayo. Tinashe is a Form 3 student at Milton High School. We wish him well in his studies. 


Hoops for Loops Basketball Tournament 

Posted on November 28, 2018 

Each year, we host a Hoops for Loops basketball tournament to help raise funds for our breakfast program for schools in Zimbabwe. In 2018, our young Sudbury basketball superstars came out and together we raised $300. In 2022, we raised $650. We would also like to thank Sudbury Tourism for donating backpacks, Kayla's Slime Booth helped us raise $50 towards our breakfast programs. Parchem Screenprinting donated items for our silent auction. It was with the donations that we managed to start our first breakfast program in a school in Masvingo, Zimbabwe.


Posted on May 11, 2022 

In 2022, PAIA sponsored 8 students from Matabeleland who could not attend school due to a lack of funds to pay school fees. The students attend Hadane Secondary School, Tohwe Secondary School and MIlton High School. The children's families expressed their gratitude and relief that their children are now able to attend school. Some of the students were not able to access their high school results due to non-payment of fees. Being able to access their exam results means that they can pursue other avenues, like attend college or find jobs. PAIA was working in partnership with Khanya (Be the Light) on this project.  

It is our aim to partner with other not-for-profit organizations to bring about change in the world.

Shongamiti High School Initiative 2018

Posted on February 4, 2018

More than 800 students at Shongamiti High School in Masvingo, Zimbabwe were fed breakfast by our team in 2018. The children's stories so touched the team and we are motivated to change their lives for the better. These children walk more than 10km to school and have to leave their houses at 3 am to get to school in time (7:00 am). Some of these children walk barefooted to school and the positive energy they possess toward everything is really inspiring. We want to help these children go to school and stay in school and excel in life. 

Chibi, Masvingo Donations (Zimbabwe) 2016

Posted on December 12, 2017

July 2016
PAIA paid a visit to the rural area of Chibi in Masvingo and made some donations to children who came from less fortunate families. Donations of food and clothes were made and some children received assistance with school fees and uniforms. The joy on the children's faces together with their parents was immeasurable. Looking forward to our other projects coming up.  

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